Another bloody attack was unleashed by the Zionist-fascist state of Israel against the Palestinian people. Bombings with hundreds of casualties are followed by threats of army incursions, announcing in advance even greater massacres.

The killer state of Israel, planted by the imperialists in the Middle East and assigned the role of their bodyguard, has been trying for many decades to exterminate the Palestinians. They have imprisoned them in a strip of land that is constantly shrinking, displacing them from their homes, restricting their movements, colonizing their lands, exterminating them daily, killing them in cold blood.

The new massacre in long-suffering Palestine is added to the generalized unrest in the wider region, instigated by it and will exacerbate it further. Israel and the reactionary Arab regimes are forming and destroying alliances, always redeploying their forces to the detriment of their peoples. They try to play on better terms and win what they can in the shadow of the fierce competition of the great imperialists of USA-Russia, but also of the European hypocrites. Israel, a player participating in all the dangerous war and economic games in the region, cannot allow freedom for the Palestinian people nor a homeland. In its miserable plans for the extermination of the Palestinians, it finds support first and foremost from the United States but also from European imperialists. The relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, the silence of Europeans in the provocative actions of the fanatical Zionists against Palestinians in Jerusalem and the UN silence on the Palestinian civilian casualties are typical.

In Greece, the government of Nea Dimokratia expresses its “concern” and SYRIZA “remembered” the Palestinian struggle. The current government and the previous one have had -and still have- excellent relations with the murderous state of Israel and have concluded great agreements with it. They do not care at all about the Palestinian people, they expect profits from the agreements they make. They use the country as a base for the US murderers, they give airports and ports to serve the plans of the imperialists, who do not want peoples like the Palestinians to fight for independence.

The Palestinian resistance has never stopped and will not stop. From the outbreak of the first Intifada until today, even with the slingshot, they resist. As long as they resist, they will stay alive. History has shown that every nation, no matter how small and weak, has the ability to win, if it relies on its own strengths, if it remains steadfast on the path of the struggle, if it clears its accounts with what holds them back.

Every people that fights needs the solidarity of other peoples. This is expressed today with the development of anti-war and anti-imperialist movement in our country and everywhere. The peoples have common enemies, the imperialists and the reactionary

bourgeoisie, with whom they must confront. Every victory in this confrontation is a victory for all. Solidarity to Palestine and anti-imperialist struggle go hand in hand.

In order to stop the massacre in Palestine, in order for the struggle of the Palestinian people to win, in order for the massacre of other peoples to stop, we must demonstrate en masse in the streets.

Freedom to Palestine!

Death to fascism and imperialism!

Solidarity is the weapon of the peoples!

Communist Party of Greece [Marxist – leninist]

International Bureau

Athens May 2021

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Address: Emmanouil Benaki 43 Athens Greece

Postal Code: 10678

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