A panel concerning the political prisonersin India, event that dozens of people participated, was held by Bookstore-Cafe “Ektos ton Teichon” in Athens. The speakers of the event, described the chronicle of persecutions, of the disabled Professor GN Shaibaba, within the framework of the prefecture of “antiterrorist” law UAPA. The panel tried to indicate the general context within which operation “Green Hunt” takes place and the fierce oppression of left and revolutionary voices in India. Operation “Green Hunt”, against the  Communist Party of India(Maoist), and the accusations against intelectuals as  “urban naxals”, is part of the political landscape of violence and terrorism from the Indian Brahminical regime.

Parts of the discussion showcased a variety of topics on the peoples right movement, the Naxalite movement, the massive people’s struggles in India and the great contradictions within Indian society.

Events like this, are a firm display of internationalist solidarity. Although, the most important political pressure that can be exercised from abroad,  towards the Indian state, are massive struggles and demonstrations out of the Indian state’s embassies. In this direction, we address other political organizations and forces, to shout for our opposition against the undemocratic prosecutions.

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