The daily genocide of the Palestinian people by the murderous state of Israel continues unabated, but also the heroic resistance of this people which causes a massive wave of support demonstrations across the planet. After a month, however, beyond the anger and indignation, the question inevitably arises in the minds of the world: What must be done to achieve justice for the struggling people of Palestine?

This question cannot be answered until first answering another question: What the state of Israel is and who “planted” it there? What role did it come to serve and what role does it serve to this day? Moreover, if, finally, its existence is “compatible” with a truly free and independent Palestine.

The creation of the state of Israel in 1947 was a choice, initially, by the British and then by the Americans, to promote their imperialist interests and objectives in the pivotal region of the Middle East. Thus a state was set up that was at the same time the policeman of the strategic goals of the U.S., against the Arab peoples, against the cause of the liberation of the peoples and the cause of socialism, but also (subsequently) against the other imperialists-competitors of the U.S.· a state enlisted in the service of U.S. plans for global hegemony/dominance. A state whose existence is decisively supported by the American imperialists.

Its establishment, its nature and its role, as it appeared and evolved along the way, meant a continuous and expanding occupation of the lands of Palestine. At the same time, all these decades with the oppression of the Palestinian people, their impoverishment, their extermination in every way and means, with the ever-increasing settlements by the Israelis, which reach up to our days, the Zionist state systematically promotes the final solution, that is, the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their own land. The Occupation, the Zionist Apartheid and the policy of Displacement gave birth to the armed national liberation movement of the Palestinian people, who for decades fought for the freedom of their homeland, against Zionism and imperialism, despite the defeats and betrayals that suffered at the hands of Arab reactionary regimes and the bourgeois leadership of the PLO.

So, could the ‘demand’ for a return to the 1967 borders be the answer?

As opposed the fascist occupation of Palestine by Israel and the attitude of the USA, a certain number of operators present as a –supposedly realistic– solution to the Palestinian issue the return to the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

This stance is the official stance of the EU, it was and is the attitude of those who sold out the Palestinian movement, -that is, of Arafat and the current so-called “Palestinian Authority” of Abbas in the West Bank-, it is an attitude promoted by the “Arab League”, the reactionary Arab regimes and Turkey, while Russia and China use it against the USA. The Palestinian struggle, however, is not a bargaining chip! All of them refer to the UN and its “resolutions”, while in our country this stance was also a decision of the Parliament, in 2015… From ND, SYRIZA and PASOK officials, to Tsipras, CPG, and even forces of the extra-parliamentary Left, this is presented as “the solution to the issue”.

Really, has anyone seen the famous four maps, including the “1967 border” map? The maps that illustrate the undeniable fact that as long as this terrorist state continues to exist, as long as this mechanism of Occupation, Apartheid and Displacement exists, that is, the Zionist State, the desire of the Palestinian people for a free homeland cannot be justified?

The only solution is the victory of the heroic, armed, national liberation struggle of the Palestinian people for an independent Palestinian state, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, in which Palestinians, Arabs (Muslims or Christians) and Jews will co-exist equally in mutual respect and full rights. Because the smashing of the Zionist state is a requirement for the Palestinians to be able to live in a free country but also for the Jews to be freed from the Zionist apparatus that manipulates them and pushes them against the Arab peoples of the region. Ιt is a condition for the Palestinian refugees to return to their country.

This struggle will not be easy. It will be long and arduous. Above all, when the balance of forces remains unfavorable for a leftist, revolutionary direction also within the Palestinian movement. This is also a consequence of the overall defeat of the communist movement. Τhis struggle, however, it is the only promising prospect for the people of Palestine and all the peoples of the region.

Deliberately all kinds of decision or policy-makers who serve the system present the opposition to Zionism, the solidarity to the people of Palestine and especially the slogan “Free Palestine from the River to the Sea” that echoes in the demonstrations of hundreds of thousands around the world, as… anti-Semitism. That is, they equate the opposition to the nationalism and chauvinism of the Jewish capitalists –who sought the establishment of a state (Zionism) at the expense of the Palestinians and with the aim of their complete displacement from the land they lived in–, with the racist treatment and oppression of the Jewish people (anti-Semitism) which the Nazi atrocity developed into a policy of Jewish people mass extermination. Τhe opposition to the Zionist apparatus of Occupation, Apartheid and Displacement that the Israeli ruling class uses is presented as enmity towards the Jewish people. Cheap propaganda that attempts to cover up today’s Nazi-style crimes by Zionists and imperialists.

Solidarity to the Palestinian people!

Our people, the workers, the youth must continue to express in every way their solidarity with the Palestinian people and their opposition to the murderous state and to the imperialist bosses. Also, start discussing! Trade unions, labor unions, student associations, to hold general meetings, to discuss and take decisions on mobilizations. To hold events and take initiatives. To rise against the policy of the government that implicate the country deeper, upgrading bases of operations, like that of Elefsina. To rise against the policy of alliance ties with Israel followed by all Greek governments (ND, PASOK, SYRIZA). Let a massive anti-war anti-imperialist movement develop in our country!






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