10 AM to 6 PM Thursday, July 4, 2024

Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, BaghLingampally, Hyderabad

The fact that a vulture that ate a hundred sheep won’t fall with a singlepoll has been proven. However, the public has also reined in the arrogance of Hindutva fascists in the elections. Despite the lies, deceptions, distortions, and enticements in the election campaign, people were able to discern the truth. Fear in the eyes of fascist Narendra Modi has been exposed. It has also become clear that even ‘Rama’ will not save them. It has been demonstrated that they cannot be in power by instigating ‘the mobs’ forever. The BJP has experienced the sharpness of people’s discernment and awareness of truth.

While there is no hope of a coalition government controlling Modi’s dictatorship, partners in fascist rule have increased. Chandrababu, a fitting agent of the World Bank, naturally supported the Hindutva corporatization by aligning with the communal government.

In the past decade, just as Hindutva, corporatization, and militarization have grown, so too have people’s struggles against them intensified. Fascism has given rise to new democratic forces that did not exist before. Corporatization has necessitated many new forms of struggle. Militarization has made it a part of the public experience on how to conduct both armed resistance and non-violent peace struggles simultaneously.

In summary, although not fully equal to corporate Hindutva, the Indian people have loudly declared that they will not accept fascism. The public has demonstrated that they will resist the repression, suppression, exploitation, and carnage no matter how severe. The history of the past decade’s struggles has shown that the people alone can ultimately defeat fascism and corporatization. These years of tragedy have also instilled confidence in us that the world of hope and despair around us will inevitably become optimistic.

How do we move forward from here? What should be the necessary strategy for it? What forms of struggle should all the currently disparate fighting forces adopt against corporate Hindutva? How can we build struggles more creatively, militantly, and on a broader basis in all fields of life? How do we coordinate all these efforts? How do we mobilize all the oppressed people, who knowingly or unknowingly surrendered to fascism? How do we break people’s consentto fascism? It is time to address these deep questions once again.

Even though there may not be significant changes in the political situation after the elections, the country is entering a new phase.

The opposite camp is very clear. Despite the fascists’ expectations being somewhat disrupted in the elections, their grip on society, the minds of the people, cultureand ideology remains firm. As long as caste, patriarchy, and Brahmanism exist, there is no death for Hindutva fascism in this country. Fascism will continue to strengthen on the corporate political and economic foundation. The goal of the parties in the ruling coalition and the opposition alliance is to establish corporate India. There is no doubt about this. There is also no difference in their intent to eradicate the secular democratic forces and the revolutionary movement that stand as obstacles to this.

The Prime Minister has named this overall concept as ‘Developed Bharat’ and called it New India. In reality, this is fascist terminology. The idea of a Hindu state was present in Savarkar’s definition of Hindutva even before the RSS was founded. Recently, fascists have clarified that the Hindu state should have a corporate political-economic foundation. They aim to achieve this by 2047. This is not just the aspiration of the Sangh Parivar; it is also the goal of its political representative, the BJP. During these elections, Modi announced that God has entrusted him with a mission until 2047, which he intends to accomplish. He calls this mission Developed Bharat. But in reality, it is a corporate Hindu state. All the parties that are part of the coalition government are elated with Modi’s Developed Bharat narrative.

To establish a corporate Hindu state, all democratic consciousness must be eradicated. Secular values must be crushed, and constitutional ideals must be dismantled. The revolutionary consciousness, which acts as the backbone of all these, must be wiped out. The revolutionary movement, which guides the oppressed people towards liberation and robustly counters corporatization, must be completely undermined. Adivasis in central India, who are strongly resisting corporatization and militarization, must be killed.

For this purpose, an ultimate war named Operation Kagar is being carried out. Since January 1st of this year, 130 people have been killed under the name of Kagar. Most of them are ordinary Adivasis, along with some revolutionaries. Even after the election code came into effect, the massacre of Adivasis in central India has not stopped; instead, it has intensified. The central government has launched a war against the Adivasis, disregarding constitutional values, policies, and the election process. In these elections, Narendra Modi has exhibited more anti-Muslim sentiment than before. After the second phase of polling, he became fearful of losing and incited anti-Muslim sentiment to consolidate Hindu votes. He diverted the electoral fight against the INDIA coalition towards Muslims. He spread propaganda that if Congress wins, they will abolish SC, ST, and OBC reservations and give them to Muslims. He provoked sentiments by saying that the Ayodhya Ram temple would be locked up. Similarly, he vehemently articulated anti-Maoist sentiments more than ever before. He travelled across the country, speaking meaninglessly about the Maoist threat. Amit Shah outright declared that if Modi becomes Prime Minister again in these elections, all Maoists will be killed within two years.

The BJP, which is rooted in Hindutva ideology, naturally engaged in an ideological war against Maoists and Muslims even during the elections. The BJP fought the elections with the goal of transforming the country into a Hindu state by eliminating Adivasis, Muslims, and Maoists. This entire eradication agenda is named Developed Bharat. In this term, the BJP coalition government, along with its allied parties, is going to work towards this goal. We must examinewith foresight how this is going to unfold. Strategies to oppose it must be prepared. People must be mobilized in support of these struggles, equipping them ideologically and culturally.Virasam is organizing this seminar on its anniversary with this aim in mind. This is an invitation to all to participate in this seminar.

Date: Thursday, July 4 

Time: 10:30 AM

Speaker:Arasavilli Krishna


   – Speaker: Ehtmam (Committee against Corporatization and Militarization, Delhi)

   – Chair: Ramki

   – Speaker: Varalakshmi

   – Chair: Ramu

   – Speaker: Pani

   – Chair: ShivaratriSudhakar

   – Speaker: Rivera

   – Chair: Sagar

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